Different types of evaluation can take place:

  • The interest of an impact evaluation of behavioural projects is in the effect (change of behaviour) and outcome (e.g. energy saved).
  • The process evaluation refers to the systematic assessment of an result efficiency for the purpose of improving its design, its delivery, and the usefulness of the quality of services delivered.

One should note that full separation of process and impact evaluation can be quite difficult and might not always be feasible.
Process evaluation supplements impact evaluation by exploring why savings were achieved. It may include examination of the adequacy of the data needed for subsequent impact evaluations.

Below, some examples of evaluation objectives for process and impact evaluation are given.

Examples of process evaluation objectives

  • project context and its purposes
  • measurement of the project objectives achievement
  • analysis of the cost-effectiveness (could also be classified as impact evaluation)
  • identification of key actors (stakeholders) and their roles
  • strengths and weaknesses in project design
  • strengths and weaknesses in project implementation (e.g. project management, coordination and staff)
  • exploitation of project results and outcomes

Examples of impact evaluation

  • changes in existing behaviour
  • benchmarking
  • market transformation
  • calculation of net impact by estimating the impact of the project results, long term and multiplier effects.
  • analysis of the cost-effectiveness (could also be classified as process evaluation)

The impact evaluation on target people and the project cost-effectiveness are so relevant nowadays that the implementation this approach in any programme is important.

Large international public institutions, NGOs have to prove the effectiveness of their actions and are now used to implement concrete impact evaluation on the fields.

A few examples: evaluation-impact-industrial-process   evaluation-impact-delivery-process  evaluation-impact-sourcing-strategy
 Evaluation impact industrial process   Evaluation impact delivery process  Evaluation impact sourcing strategy