The Multi-Actors Cooperation (MAC) approach is at the heart of all our projects and cooperations. MAC-Team wants to involve all the relevant stakeholders of a topic or problem to solve into the corresponding working team.

After the initial and informal phase of the network under the COMETT programme on University-Enterprise cooperation, and more specifically in the fields of agro-food, agriculture, biotechnologies and environment, the "MAC" concept was formalised in 1995 via two concrete Social Funds projects from the ADAPT & Employment initiatives. The two projects (Tele-MAC and MAC-Agro) addressed the needs of agro-food SMEs to support defavorised work forces to upskill to new technologies and new regulatory (HACCP) issues on food production lines.

From those projects, the need to set-up a formal network to sustain results and develop synergies between issues (multi-disciplinary approach on top of the multi-actors dimension) and the feedback from beneficiaries (SMEs, end-users, trainers, teachers, regional bodies ...) federated all the partners to create the "aisbl" ("association internationale sans but lucretif", or in English, "not-for-profit internationale association").

2 acronyms were registered by the Belgian Ministry of Justice when establishing the association: MAC-Team and MAC-Net.

The long denomination of the MAC-Team: 
- in English: Multi-Actors Cooperation European Network
- in French:  Pôle Européen des Coopérations Multi Acteurs.

The original statutes of MAC-Team are attached here below, as well as the internal rules governing the association. They are provided in French (official registered version and approved by the Belgian Ministry of Justice) and in English.
The Statutes have been registered in Brussels under the number 876.733.609.

After 2007, as a result of the EUE-Net ERASMUS thematic network (the European University-Enterprise cooperation network) in which MAC-Team was a core partner, the EUE-Net network merged into the Multi-Actors Cooperation European Network.

in 2022, the "Body of Administration" has been renewed (New President elected) as indicated in the attached publication to the Official Journal. As published in the Official Journal, the President has the power to represent the association.