CONVERGENCE – the Global Blockchain Congress

The Global Blockchain Congress CONVERGENCE takes place on 11-13 November in Málaga, Spain. It will explore the future of Blockchain Technologies in the coming 5 years and the convergence of blockchain with AI, Iot and Big Data.

EYEE projectMAC-Team participates at the end of the week at the meeting of the EYEE consortium.
The EYEE training solution targeted at youth offers an educational toolbox to develop the entrepreneurial spirit.
The pilot trainings started in various institutions, colleges or associations are accompanied by the consortium partners.

New Frontiers in Open Innovation
by Henry W. Chesbrough, Wim Vanhaverbeke, Joel West (editors)

ris-2014-coverGrowth is increasingly related to the capacity of regional economies to change and innovate. Regions and cities have become key spatial units where knowledge is transferred, innovation systems are built and competition to attract investments and talents takes place.

Regions are an appropriate level for stimulating innovation: Many regional governments have important competences and budgets in the field of innovation. Their geographical proximity facilitates the acquisition, accumulation and use of knowledge.

Regions' performance depends not only on that of enterprises and research institutes but also on interactions between different stakeholders, enterprises and organisations, whose knowledge and know-how build up over time. The Regional Innovation Scoreboard helps to understand innovation in the regional context and provides some statistical facts on regions' innovation performance.