Modules 2 and 3 are the central training modules of the TRUST-ME project where module 2 focuses on soft skills necessary for a mentor to get into fruitful working contact with the SMEs’ CEOs and module 3 concentrating on the analytic competences.

The two modules are new in the sense that one partner with rich experience in mentoring and operating mentor networks but without practice in sophisticated curriculum development joins forces with partners having mastery in developing professional courses for SMEs with diverse pedagogical approaches but not in mentor trainings and especially not in operating wide networks offering strategic services for CEOs of SMEs.

TrustMe logo m 01The aim of this partnership is to include research and practice based curricula to the benefit for the both mentioned target groups.
In order to get closer to the SMEs and have access to them with the mentoring solution, the Vocational Education and Training (VET) invited partners federating SMEs to the consortium.

Module 2 (just like Module 3 - Diagnosing and accompanying SMEs) will use Wiki facilities and a collaborative platform to be used by the digital sub-group of the module for social bookmarking, co-creation of documents, pedagogical discussions and content development.

The exact themes are to be defined via O1 - Competency framework and skill card for mentors. Some indicative training themes, based on preliminary experience are:

  • Development of leadership skills /managing strategic change, organisational behaviour etc./;
  • Transversal skills / communication / negotiation skills / language using attitudes, empathy, customer service etc./;
  • Ethics / Social Corporate Responsibility and sustainability.

For this module a blended, 40 learning-hour course will be developed with

  • the first part (50%) of on-line training
  • the second in real life contact with a CEO (40%)
  • and a third face-to-face element with the trainer(10%).

It is up to the module’s digital sup-group to decide on the electronic tools and approaches: whether they will use interactive questionnaires, simulation games etc.

The key activities contributing to this deliverable:

  • O3/A1: Completion of the module guidelines and collecting resources to the development
  • O3/A2: Training material development in English
  • O3/A3: Translation into French, Hungarian and Romanian
  • O3/A4: Adaptation to the local specifications in France, Hungary and Romania
  • O3/A5: Finalisation in all the 4 working languages

O3 - Training module 2 - Soft skills of a Mentor


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