This project results from an analysis of current situation in terms of knowledge and competencies needs in Security and Safety training.

Need for Security & Safety in companies

Nowadays, Safety and Security management concerns several actors of an organization (CEO, Operations, ICT, partners, subcontractors…) and involves complex interactions between them (data, users, applications, building access, calendar control…). Each day, multiple threats can appear, and critical decisions should be taken, based on technical infrastructure and organizational constraints.

Field experience

The “Safety and Security” operations efficiency relies on best practices awareness and field experience. In complex technological moving environments there is a lot of information to analyze and filter. Human decisions efficiency is based on people’s ability to decide as quickly as possible, with little selected information sorted through experience criteria.

Internal Knowledge Capitalization

Moreover, there is a gap between those who currently hold Security/Safety manager positions and those who will hold such positions in the near future. If the first ones have appropriate knowledge and relevant experience, the second ones will suffer a lack of real and relevant experience. Yet, this field experience is necessary to make operational and strategic decisions when taking manager responsibilities. Internal knowledge capitalization represents a huge issue for the following years.

Current training market = theory

At the same time, training market offers rely on technologies, their implementation, standards, norms and tool implementation. This knowledge is a static and mostly theoretical one. The only places for “Security / Safety sharing experience” are some annual conferences, punctual meetings with fixed dates.

Facing the lack of learning community

In addition, if there is a huge amount of e-learning sessions available in Europe, the lack of experience-based training remains as the lack of opportunities to exchange with experienced people.

[ risky ] knowledge aims to offer Security and Safety training made by professionals, for professionals. It will propose a tool and a teaching method of reference to solve some current training issues, and especially those presented above.