respectYou are a Supplier, a Buyer, a Consumer, a Worker ... Respect! ... Get involved!


You are a supplier
You are the ones who know the root causes of existing gaps and the obstacles that keep better workplace standards from being implemented.

By taking part in RESPECT activities, you can help move this issue forward and have a say in the search for solutions.

In return, RESPECT can help you improve collaboration with your buyers and other stakeholders – like consumers – by offering tools and new channels of communication. RESPECT can also give you tools for self-diagnosis and solution finding, so you can better understand the internal/external issues and improve on the ground, creating better practices.

needs-buyersYou are a buyer

Bad planning, late orders, supplier turnover… are all commercially undesirable practices, which increase costs and have negative impacts on quality production and working conditions.

You, as buyers, are the ones who have the main ability to drive change!

You can improve your purchasing practices while boosting CSR within your supply chains… and avoid wasting both money and time!

Suppliers are ready to collaborate more on the issue and consumers are eager to support companies that have more responsible practices.

RESPECT can help you improve stakeholder collaboration and give you the tools you need to have a more positive impact on CSR. The RESPECT approach aims to build the capacity of your suppliers, so that they can improve on the ground, creating better practices at the factory level.


needs-consumersYou are a consumer

Be a responsible consumer and incorporate a sense of ethics into your daily purchases!

Through RESPECT, you can learn more about company practices and be consulted on them. The RESPECT platform offers you the possibility to share your opinions on this topic.

Be a consum'actor
Become an informed, responsible and committed consumer:

  • Read the labels, recognize a socially or environmentally positive label, look at the origin of the product, learn about the working conditions under which the product was manufactured...
  • Encourage good practices and denounce bad ones.
  • Inform and involve other people (family, friends, colleagues, associations, chat on internet forums, media and social media...).
  • Support awareness campaigns, sign petitions, and communicate with brands about your expectations.
  • Consume fair trade and ethical products, while also promoting them.

needs-workersYou are a worker
You are the most precious and most vulnerable actors of the supply chain!

Thanks to the RESPECT platform, you can learn more about the mechanisms of purchasing practices and gain access to communications tools to exchange with other stakeholders of the purchasing community.

Get your experience heard! Make your opinion count!