EFCoCert Foundation 

EFCoCert has been created in June 2014, in the context of a European project, to ensure sustainability and exploitation of certification schemes. EFCoCert is a start-up of the Luxembourg Public Research Center Henri Tudor, (now Luxembourg Institute of Science and technology). 

EFCoCert's mission:
Develop and manage competence certification schemesfor non-regulated professions in Europe to provide concerned people a recognition and validation of their non-formal and informal learning, enhancing their employability and mobility.
Develop and/or exploit management system certification schemes for assisting scheme owners to professionalize the management and ensure the integrity of the implementation of their scheme.

 EFCoCert's profile:

  • Dedicated to set & operate (management system or competence) certification schemes in accordance to ISO rules;
  • Dedicated to develop e-learning courses following international standards processes;
  • Professionalising the certification scheme management;
  • Neutral & independent certification body private accreditation & scheme integrity management;
  • Mutualising the know-how, tools & costs for scheme owners and training providers;
  • Participation to and ensure sustainability of EU funded projects.

EFCoCert website: 
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