MAC-SSIIM training and support solution presents a full range of training products and services:

The key target groups are:

  • SMEs, Networks of SMEs and socio economic actors, holdings, alliances of large and small enterprises including sub-contracting and competition issues
  • Consultants, consulting bodies or Coaching organisation which accompany SMEs in their Strategy and IP management
  • Relay actors to SMEs such as Chambers of Commerce, Federation, Trade union, Professional bodies ...
  • Universities and Training centres at initial or continuous training.

Several approaches in terms of products and services. MAC-SSIIM can:

  • Simply deliver the training support materials to be either used as MAC-SSIIM products with integrated support or as adapted and licensed training products
  • With training delivery services (including the possibility of specific curriculum, the delivery in various countries and/or in different languages)
  • With accompanying and coaching services to deliver advanced and Master training in situ, based on and applied to the effective context of the organisation, including the coaching of internal "champion" or project manager in charge of piloting the exercise in the organisation.
  • Thanks to our wide network of experts in the area, we can also adapt the training modules and solution to specific context, language or needs.

In terms of delivery, several levels are available:

  • The Awareness raising of Managers, Employees, Relay actors, ...
  • The Foundation training: training on the key principles and fundamentals of each of the Key components (these Key components can be "à la carte" in the full topics covered by MAC-SSIIM to fit the needs of the organisation);
  • The Advanced level: in complement to previous level, to assess, define and plan for instance IC & KM strategy (Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management) or other MAC-SSIIM Key Themes. This Advanced level is generally delivered to only actors of the same organisation as we are generally working on private and applied data of the company;
  • The Master level: in complement to previous levels, it corresponds to dedicated support and accompaniment to support the implementation of the project of the organisation with a full empowerment of key project leaders.

The available physical training materials and systems include:

  • A Training box which exists in 5 languages (English, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish and Portuguese). Some training materials also exist in French.
    • 1 CD-ROM: training manuals and set of PowerPoint slides on each of the 5 Key Themes related to IP protection.
    • 2 DVDs of subtitled interviews of 12 European SMEs Managers. DVD1 presents the strategy and approaches of the SMEs in 12 10-minute or so company cases in which managers describe in their own way how they approached the questions linked to these main themes within their companies. DVD2 illustrates each MAC-SSIIM's Key Theme and features examples related to the main lessons of each Key Theme.
    • The Enterprises presented on the DVDs cover the entire SME sector, ranging from firms with fewer than 5 employees to those with over 150. The SMEs also broadly represent operations in various sub-areas from metal refining to consultancy and other services. The company cases are very close to the ‘coalface’ in nature being profiles of genuine companies and genuine operations. To us, they represent an interesting package complementing the MAC-SSIIM training programme’s theoretical written component.
    • 1 voucher can be included to test the e-Learning platform.
  • The training manuals and set of slides can be obtained separetly from the whole training box, in one or several languages. (training box and manuals have distinct ISBN numbers).
  • An e-learning platform in English ( with:
    • courses on each of the 5 Key Themes related to IP protection.
    • generally each course includes per chapter and/or lesson spoken slide presentations.
    • The MAC-SSIIM e-learnstation platform is a strong support to a pedagogical approach mixing face-to-face and distance learning as well as coaching.
    • a user-guide for the e-learning platform (pdf 1169kb).
    • you can have your own private MAC-SSIIM e-learning classroom.
  • In complement the MAC-SSIIM website access to private section for training materials updates and upgrades, as well as specific information monitoring services can be proposed.

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