Initially supported by the European Programme Leonardo da Vinci, MAC-SSIIM offers a real pan European network of resources focused on I-IP Management: Informal Intellectual Property Management.

  • MAC stands for Multi Actors Cooperation and includes as well: SMEs, bigger companies, Individuals, Universities, Training centers, Research centers, Professional bodies, Public and social development representatives, trade-unions, Relay centers, ....
  • SSIIM stands for Sustainable SMEs through Informal Intellectual property Management training.

MAC-SSIIM has been set up by wider informal networks such as MAC-Team built on a model of Networks of Networks. as a result of MAC-SSIIM project, 2005 has also boosted the creation of the formal MAC-Team aisbl (International non-profit association).

MAC-SSIIM mission
The overall aim of the MAC-SSIIM project is to make a contribution to the development of knowledge-based economy in Europe by assisting SME managers and other decision-makers in building a fertile environment for knowledge-based entrepreneurship and new business formation:

  • To raise awareness of the significance of IP management,
  • To develop a proactive IP management training tool for SME and network development,
  • To enable learning through case examples of good practices in IP management,
  • To disseminate good practices in the management of Intellectual Property,
  • To propose training & support solution on IP protection to SMEs, consultants, Relay actors and training organisations.

Some of the MAC-SSIIM outputs

How to better protect so that I can safely open up to new businesses and alliances?

The MAC-SSIIM training programme offers small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) basic, concise information on basic questions concerning the management and protection of know-how.
Foundation of the MAC-SSIIM training programme is a theoretical reference framework based on 5 integrated Key Themes, which are:

  • Intellectual Capital (Intangible assets) and Knowledge Management
  • Business Networking and strategic partnership in a knowledge based economy
  • Innovation Management
  • Change management and organisational learning in SMEs
  • Informal and Formal Protection (protecting know-how).

The MAC-SSIIM training programme support materials include:

  • Training box (manual and slides can be obtained separately)
  • 1 CD-ROM: the 5 Key Themes related to IP protection in 5 languages, including training manuals and set of slides for each Key Theme.
  • 2 DVDs on 12 European SMEs and to illustrate each Key Theme
  • 1 user guidelines
  • 1 voucher to test the e-Learning platform.
  • Training seminars

The firms presented on the DVDs represent the entire SME sector, ranging from firms with fewer than 5 employees to those with over 150.
The firms also broadly represent operations in various sub-areas. These include firms providing services from metal refining to consultancy.
The company cases are very close to the ‘coalface’ in nature being profiles of genuine companies and genuine operations.
To us, they represent an interesting package complementing the MAC-SSIIM theoretical training materials.
DVDs have been designed so that access to a specific sequence to illustrate a case or a key point is very easy and direct.
The e-learning platform solution implemented by MAC-SSIIM also provides added-value facility in the same spirit of supporting the Learner, the trainer of the Project Leader in charge of implementing these issues in an organisation.

Even though this Introduction focuses on companies as the target group for the MAC-SSIIM training programme, the material can also be used as part of the curriculum of educational institutions, such as universities and polytechnics.

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