Label Pro RH

Tertiary Education and Economical actors, primary Human ressources manager and recruitins agents, will need to have clear criterias and tools to evaluate level of qualifications, diplomas, at national, as well as at European levels. LABEL Pro RH was designed for support Human Resources Training Institute.

Using Professional Repositories collected from the field with FMRH (Fédération Méditerranéenne des Ressources Humaines) as key coordinator in coordination with local professional associations, the LABEL PRO RH was developed through European EQF/ECVET frameworks and tested in 5 countries (France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Turkey) in 2011. See also the Label Pro RH key outcomes

To achieve a Label Pro RH labellisation, Education Quality is evaluated on the level of competences of trainees and their capacities of a fast integration in professional teams. The European dimension is a key request of professionals for ressource mobility improvement and to develop individual vocational training route owing to ECVET system. The multi-actor approach of LABEL Pro RH Project is supported by International Professional Associations in Human ressources Management like FMRH (Fédération Méditerranéenne de Ressources Humaines).

That following results came out of the Leonardo da Vinci EU project:

  • A transfer to university and training centers Human ressources Job repositories from the field.
  • An adaptation of educational sessions, HR Masters and ajust pedagogical methods to mentionned repositories to be focused on professional needs.
  • A definition and a validation of the Label Pro R obtainment and the European level of accreditation with Label Pro-RH that were planned to be delivered by FMRH.
  • EQF and ECVET process initiation.
  • The delivery of the project paving the way to a Labellisation System for HR education system possibly supported by FMRH.

The LABEL Pro RH Project Leaflet can be dowloaded from the Label Pro RH library repository.