respect-R-fond-clairRESPECT is a 2-year project co-financed by the European Union Leonardo da Vinci program on Vocational Education and Training, started in October 2011. 
What RESPECT is about:
To develop innovative methodology and tools to help key actors drive change in the way purchasing practices in supply chains. 


It is lead by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) and a coalition of several European partners representing corporate social responsibility experts, vocational training specialists, suppliers, and civil society organizations.


  • Explore and test an approach inspired by the “open innovation” concept to facilitate collaboration among buyers, suppliers and consumers.
  • Collect vocational training content and best practices through activities in 2 pilot countries - Turkey and Bulgaria - and tailor them for the apparel and footwear industries at the global level.

The final objective:

  • to offer stakeholders an innvovative methodology and practical tools
  • to better align purchasing practices and CSR efforts (such as code of conduct implementation).


  • Qualitative and quantitative field surveys (suppliers-buyers-consumers)
  • Good practices and case studies
  • a Practical matrix to (re-)link the purchasing practices to code of conduct implementation
  • Learning and improvement toolkit to facilitate implementation of better purchasing practices
  • Vocational training content (buyers & suppliers)
  • Pilot seminars in Bulgaria and Turkey, to be further replicated in Europe and internationally

 Further info: Key outputs of the Responsible Practices project