Collecting the surveys

Soon after the surveys are distributed, some of them will begin to arrive at the sponsoring organization.
Here are the steps you should take to collect your surveys:

  • Gather incoming surveys collected at participating sites. A representative of your organization should collect incoming surveys as they arrive in the mail or your drop box. He or she should also call or stop by collection sites from time to time to pick up any surveys that have been dropped off.
  • Review returned surveys, checking for any that are incomplete. If any surveys were returned for having an improper mailing address, try to find the correct address and mail it out again, if you can.
  • If you have raw data/paper version of the data, start encoding the data as early as possible to finalise the test of your own data treatment system and get the whole chain of people ready for when the mass of reply will arrive.
  • Secure a larger return, if necessary. This may mean distributing surveys again, or expanding your sample size, or also  sending reminders to your sample list (especially if you are able to identify who replied or who din't in order not to upset people who already responded).