The meeting of the General Body of Direction took place on the 3rd June 2023. The general assembly was delayed to ensure the full process for the election of the new Body of Administration in this pandemic context.

The 2022 Activity report and Accounts were presented following the procedures of the Statutes and Internal Rules, and the election of the new "Body of Administration" took place as foreseen by the Statutes. In addition, that assembly elected the new Body of administration.

As a reminder the Body of Administration is as follow since the 1st of July 2022:

  • President: Jacques PONS
  • General Secretary: Isabelle CHIFFE
  • Treasurer: Pascal ECHARDOUR.

Due to the COVID situation, the former/exiting president (Yves BOISSELIER) remained in function for a transitory period up to the 31st October 2022, which has been extended until the 30th September 2023 as a result of the present General Assembly to ensure transition and transmission.

  • The electronic procedure as presented in the convocation to the general assembly has been validated by the participants.
  • This assembly corresponds to the second call for assembly after the first assembly on 18th April 2023 (voting quorum thresholds were not met on that date).  

Attached below:

  • Minutes of the meeting of the General Body of Direction - 3rd June 2023 [displayed to members only]
  • Accounts 2022 of MAC-Team aisbl [displayed to members only]
  • MAC-Team activity report 2022. [public display]