Toulouse White Biotechnology

A new strategic partnership between Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant and Toulouse White Biotechnology offers a seamless integration of pre-industrial developments in Industrial Biotechnology, and their demonstration at industrial scale.

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP) and Toulouse White Biotech (TWB) announced their strategic partnership in industrial biotechnology. The unique offer for development and scale-up of biobased processes by the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant now complements the creation and design of biological tools for sustainable industrial processes by Toulouse White Biotech.

TWB is internationally acknowledged for its level of expertise in the fields of biocatalysis, microbial physiology, microbiological engineering and environmental processes, while Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant has proven capabilities in scale-up of lab-proven bio-based technologies and custom manufacturing of new bio-based products.

From now on, breakthrough developments discovered at TWB can be scaled up to industrial process scale at Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant. The strategic partnership offers joint strategy development and a smooth technology transfer from pre-industrial to industrial phase.

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant and Toulouse White Biotech already work together in the frame of an INTERREG North West Europe project called Bio Base NWE, with the aim of joining their networks. This collaboration is now deepened by the strategic partnership.

Bio Base NWE (  supports SME's investing in innovation for the biobased economy by offering them advice as well as financial, networking and training support.

More info and contact details at TWB and Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant below: