This project results from an analysis of current situation in terms of knowledge and competencies needs in Security and Safety training.

Need for Security & Safety in companies

Nowadays, Safety and Security management concerns several actors of an organization (CEO, Operations, ICT, partners, subcontractors…) and involves complex interactions between them (data, users, applications, building access, calendar control…). Each day, multiple threats can appear, and critical decisions should be taken, based on technical infrastructure and organizational constraints.

yin-yang pathThanks to its Multi-Actors Cooperation model, MAC-Team is highly committed to develop projects for the best outcomes and impact. Dealing with change management, innovative approaches via projects supported by more global policies (and programming agendas), MAC-Team is looking to accompany its partners by providing methodologies and support to reach best impact and build evidence via the projects outcomes. Result Based Management and Outcome Mapping are two areas that MAC-Team is pragmatically looking at to drive projects from results and outcomes towards broader impact.


zen-stone-on-sand-200MAC-Team is currently working on further developing open innovation approaches in connection with Pharmaceutical / Biotech activities and as well in Agro-food and valorisation of waste.




balanced-stonesMAC-Team already participated to various projects dealing with new learning pathways and learning/sharing valorisation and validation. We are looking to combine former results and to participate towards effective open knowledge and personal development.




three-stones-zenMAC-Team is actively involved in projects dealing with the Knowledge Triangle and Quadruple Helix approach. Enterpreneurship and business development are key dimensions in these models. With its Multi-Actors Cooperation DNA, MAC-Team wants to implement projects that directly support the society and its development. MAC-Team is also convinced in new business models and activity models (not only employment) of individuals and networked enterprises.