factory case studiesSeveral business cases have been compiled by the RESPECT partners to show examples of good practices in CSR, stakeholder collaboration and responsible supply chain management.
The short introductions below give a snapshot of the cases.



respect 1 plusThe RESPECT vocational training content aims to help key stakeholders drive change in the way purchasing practices are implemented and are impacting workplace standards.

A special focus is made on building the capacity of suppliers to be better equipped to overcome some of their challenges. However, the following training modules can also be used by buyers, either to build capacity of their own staff or for their suppliers.

The RESPECT training material will drive supply chain actors through purchasing practices concerns and provide them tools to have a better impact on workplace standards, especially through an improved communication with key stakeholders.

After 2 years of R&D activities to build a specific training methodology in Security and Safety fields, here we are!

Results are good, an innovative and efficient way to train in Vocational Training has been created.

Thanks to our personalized approach, only learn what you need to know in your professional context !

Finding the right training programmes for a number of different employees can quite quickly become very time consuming. RISKY adapts to these needs. Employees’ knowledge and skills are evaluated and then programs are built to suit their individual needs.


Safety and Security disciplines are related to the degree of trustworthiness that computer-based systems offer. A system failure due to an accidental fault or an attack may lead to unaffordable economical, human or reputation loses. Thus, Safety and Security training is becoming a strategic issue in industry.