infographie respectHave a look at the direct survey with consumers about social responsibily of brands and supply chain...
Online survey conducted in October 2012 with a panel of Patagonia’s consumers in France and Germany.
681 respondents. know more about the outcomes of the survey, please download the report here below after the graphic presentation.

RESPECT STORY e-Booke-book produced by the Respect project.

With civil society raising concern over corporate responsibility practices, investment on CSR policies all along supply chains is becoming the norm.




Responsible purchasing practices

This website offers you valuable information on the issue of purchasing practices and allows you to reach other members of the purchasing community: suppliers, buyers, consumers, and workers.

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Garment process - specification This description of a simplified process of the sourcing practices in the garment industry simply aims at providing:

- A quick panorama to new comers to the garment industry, and
- Some reference terms and basic process skeleton for a common understanding between partners coming from different cultural backgrounds and between different types of actors of the supply chain.

respectYou are a Supplier, a Buyer, a Consumer, a Worker ... Respect! ... Get involved!